Amiens is a city in the Somme department in Hauts De France and is also a regional prefecture of Picardy. This city is located one twenty kilometers north of Paris and about a hundred kilometers away from Lille. Due to this close location to the bustling famous hub spot known as the city of love, Amiens can be a good place to hit nearby, probably on a weekend or a rest day for a more relaxed and calm lazy day. Amiens does not have anything very sparkly or super famous, but it is known for majorly for the following places.

First, on the list, we have Des Hortillonnages or more simply the floating islands that were formed some two thousand years before from the collection of peat bogs that have now transformed into small areas with a large vegetable garden and a house. The place requires you to board on a boat which would sway you through a series of small canals all throughout the island. The peace you get here is somehow turning very rare these days without any cars honking or road madness.

Second on the list is the novelist Jules Verne’s house which is sadly not open to the public for watching and only has a board which reads about him living here earlier when alive.

Thirdly, we shouldn’t be missing out on the so-called tallest gothic nave, which has a very detailed carving and is the place where the Baptist John rests and this place also hosts a very mysterious depiction of an angel crying and it is very much a mystery.

When talking about the transportation systems, Amiens has a bike sharing scheme that is called Vélam and consists of twenty-six stations spread around the town alongside the bus system. The Beauvais Tillé airport runs from Amiens and Paris.