A blend of almost just the right amounts of food and drinks, history and culture which is definitely not a new one, but instead comes from the times of the counts of Anjou and the revolutionary times in the history of France and guess what even older to the time of Christianity taking its roots and expanding. Welcome to Angers!

Places to visit

Yes, that’s not a mistake, for sure, but a place indeed located over an area of forty-two kilometers square units known for being one of the greenest cities all around France with a lot of parks to visit and stroll through. So in the least to say we recommend not to get bewildered by the ironic name it has as the people from this place also tend to be the on the lists of the happiest people out of all the cities on the map.

The major thing which you would be able to get a glimpse of here in the Angers is the historical getaway, taking you through the eighteenth century with buildings and streets transporting a person through a back in time-based time machine. One of such places is the Place due element which is the sweet little old town square which features a centric fountain as an icon with a lot of natives flocking around the good stop brasseries and terraces to awaken their souls with some good coffee or q glass of fine wine.

Next up is the castle Châtequ Angers which is the easiest building to locate or figure out with its duotone towers and built on the rocky point by Louis IX. It houses the apocalypse Tapestry and is based on the book of revelation.

Terra Botanica

Based entirely on the greenery and flowery elements of nature and guess what if I say you can even have a good satisfying view from a hot air balloon!

The other places that should be given a try are namely La Maisond’adam, the Maine River, Saint Maurice Cathedral, Fine Art Museum, and The David D’Angers Gallery.