If you badly want to get away from the city to the countryside and spend those times that you have dreamt of after reading fairy tales, then this is the place you want to be in. It is situated near the Lake Annecy that runs throughout the region and from every point you will be treated to Snow Mountains.

The Lake Annecy is the most famous attraction here and you must spend a lot of time around the lake to capture the beauty of it with the mountains in the background. To make the best use, I hired a bicycle and went around the lake starting from morning all the way until evening. I met some kind-hearted local residents on my way who offered me food and water all along. The best thing is, even when you are tired and there is no person around you, you can simply lie down on the grass filled with daisies and sink in the cool breeze that will hit your face.

If you are done with the lake, come to the main part of the city and move your bicycle around the canals or through the streets. Although this is just a small town, the houses made of paddle stone and the sheer bonding of every person you see with every other person will make your heart warm with joy. Whether it is a small croissant shop or the one selling daily utility, each one has its own charm and is always lively.

If you are looking for some of the best produce in the country, then do not forget to shop in the beautiful and colorful markets of Annecy. You can pick everything from fruits, vegetables, spices and other non-consumable items such as local crafts, baskets and other items.