Looking to visit a city in Ontario, Canada that offers great outdoor adventure, family entertainment, and great food, then Barrie are a good option. As I am a nature lover, I really got happy to explore the wildlife and the local farms that Barrie had to offer. I think you too should grab the opportunity of visiting this city if you want to know more about its art, culture and the people. Some of the things that I did when I was in Barrie are:

  • Sunnidale Park Arboretum

Anyone who loves to enjoy skiing and walking around great greenery will love what this arboretum has to offer. Here, you get to see a lot of the wildlife in its natural environment. I was able to capture a lot of flora and the wildlife on my camera. It is a fantastic place for all natural over and winter sports enthusiast.


  • Chappell Farms

Traveling with your family in Barrie? Then, do not miss visiting this farm. Your kids can have a fun day in the fields and would love to run around and play in the parks. You can check out the fresh farm produce and also get to learn the agricultural techniques from the locals. There are a number of themed days celebrate in the farm like Pumpkin Festival, Thanksgiving Festival, etc.    This is a great event, recommended by a good guy I know, Luke, who runs hemplifetoday.com & is a big fan of this kind of stuff.  Seeing he is super health conscious, he is all about fresh food and sticking as healthy as possible.

  • Barrie Centennial Park

This is a popular park among the locals and the tourists. It offers plenty of recreational activities for the entire family like a playground for the children, volleyball court, sandy beach, picnic tables, bike, and walk the trail, and many more. It is a perfect place to spend an entire day with family enjoying leisure walks or unwinding at the beach.

  • Spirit Catcher

A prominent landmark on the shores of Barrie is the Spirit Catcher. It is a 20-tonne statue that offers a scenic backdrop. This statue talks a lot about the history, art, and culture of Barrie.