One thing we are not going to regret spending time and money in is visiting Louisville. It is the best place to get entertained, it is also home to one of the best restaurants, and the excellent drinking shops in the city is a must – visit. Following is the guide to the must-visit spots in Louisville.

  • Big Four Bridge

Few things are better than walking across the Big Four Bridge. Once this place was an eyesore, now it is one of the coolest places in the city. We soaked in the gentle music, enjoyed the views and relaxed merely on the many benches laid out there.

  • Waterfront

If you are heading to the downtown, then you might catch the sight of workers hanging around near the benches. The food trucks layout, there is a must – try and enjoy the view of the river while you feast on the yummy food.

  • Arcade Bars

There are a few places in the city where you can enjoy playing the game while drinking. Rebar and the Zanzibar is the place we recommend and do represent the rare pinball machines installed there. All the live music and the booze you can gulp down, it is time to achieve this guilt trip of a lifetime.

This place is just not for the young ones. Even adults like us enjoyed it thoroughly. We rode on the train and even sat on the carousel. If you are looking for a more adult experience, then you can also grab a beer while you tour around the park.

  • Actors Theatre

If you want to culminate your trip to Louisville in the right way, then you have to visit the historic Actors theatre and relive the history by attending the plays and shows running there.

Louisville is a complete vacation package; it is a blend of modernity and class. No doubt, we recommend you to visit your next holidays here.