When they mentioned Corpus Christi, they were also right that there is no place like this in America and we did experience the moment we landed there. This unique city is situated in its own bay along the border of the United States and Mexico.

This place has seen a lot of wars being fought and revolutions happen, but what is more worth mentioning is that this has a lot of beaches that are yet to be explored, and the Padre Island reserves promises a great time. Also, we found a blend of cultures in this place which provided a great vibe in the breweries and the shrimp stalls on the sea-side.

The sea shore

Believe it or not, this is one of the largest water barrier islands in the entire of the planet with its gulf stretching for above 70 kilometers. It has sand that is both grass tapped and plain with the golden sun giving it a bright yellow look. Also, you can catch the sight of more than 10 species of migratory birds from the Great Pelican to the piping.

  • The Laguna Madre

While we were thrilled by the Padre, we were more by the Laguna. This region is known for its extremely high salinity and it stretches for around 100 miles on its shore. This place is known for shrimps due to their high population here and the winds often touch unbearable yet fun speeds at this place.

Also, if you are a surfboarding fan like we are, and then definitely you must visit here.

How to reach?

If you are looking to arrive from San Antonia, then you can grab a flight to Corpus Christi. If you are arriving from Austin, the place is around 4 hours drive away. Rockport is extremely near to Corpus Christi offering just a 35 minute drive. Although you may not be able to reach this place directly, you can easily access this once you reach the mentioned major cities in Texas.